2450 ₽
Pre-Peel Cleansing Gel Powerful antioxidant effect. Soft preparation for peeling. pH 3.5
Release form
Bottle 200 ml

  • Lactobionic acid 2%; 
  • Glucanolactone 2%; 
  • Mandelic acid 1%; 
  • Lactic acid 0.15%; 
  • Hyaluronic acid 0.1%; 
  • Arginine; 
  • Allantoin.
  • Combination of ultra-soft high-performance surfactants, polyhydroxy and AHA acids in the composition of the gel. 
  • Provides exfoliation & brightening. 
  • Adapts the skin before peeling. 
  • Aligns to a natural value and stabilizes the pH value of the skin. 
  • Reduces the thickness of the stratum corneum and evens out the relief of the skin, thereby providing a more uniform penetration of acids and minimal peeling after the procedure. Thus, conditions are created for the peeling procedure to be successful and effective. 
  • Activates the immunity of the skin and the ability to regenerate.
Preparing the skin for peeling

Application protocol
  • Apply a small amount of gel to the skin and lather with a small amount of water, apply with massaging movements, avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Wipe the skin dry with a tissue. If necessary, carry out the peeling procedure according to the protocol.
  • In home care, it can be used as a preparatory agent, it is prescribed 2-3 days before the chemical peeling procedure, as well as to maintain the results of the chemical peeling course, as a home peeling, apply 1-2 times a week.
Biotime gel provides restoration of firmness, elasticity, tone, color and texture of the skin, helps to eliminate signs of skin aging. The most effective use of Biotime gel is simultaneously with a course of injection procedures, as well as with a mesoroller and hardware procedures (RF-lifting, phonophoresis, galvanotherapy, electroporation).
Precautionary measures
  1. Do not use after the expiration date indicated on the package;
  2. For single use only;
  3. If the package is opened or damaged, do not use its contents.