Method of activation of intradermal respiration - improvement of the quality, color and density of the skin.
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LAMELLAR CREAM LIPID REPAIR replenishes lipids in the skin, helping to strengthen the lipid barrier of the epidermis. Increases the skin's ability to withstand stress. Prevents premature aging. Provides moisture, smoothness and elasticity to the skin.
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Preparation of the skin for peeling and pH reduction. The combination of ultra-soft highly effective surfactants, polyhydroxy and ANA acids in the gel.
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For the production of Biomatrix products, the latest technologies and the highest quality and safest raw materials are used that meet the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia of Europe and the USA.
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This is a series of online training courses on cosmetology from a developer and manufacturer of professional cosmetology products from Novosibirsk
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Where to buy products?
Biotime products can be purchased from any official distributor.
We also remind you that Biotime products are professional and can only be purchased by a specialist in the field of cosmetology.

Where can I find out the price for a beautician?
If you need to find out the price for a cosmetologist, you can register on the website or request a price from distributors or on official pages on social networks.
How to become a partner?
To become a partner, fill out an application in the "Partners" section, we will review it and contact you.

How to get into training?
In order to get to face-to-face training, go to the “Training” section and in the “Seminars” block, select the appropriate one, then to register, you can contact the phone number indicated on the announcement or contact us. One of the company's missions is to form a community of "thinking" cosmetologists, so we constantly hold training events and create useful materials. In order to get access to the database of materials, register on the site and go to the "Materials for cosmetologists" section in your personal account.

Where can I buy products if I'm not a beautician?
You can purchase products from your cosmetologist or from an authorized distributor upon presentation of a prescription/prescription.